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mindfully forward


C hange is life’s most profound challenge. Navigating it with insight and resilience starts with resensing and rethinking.

My Unique Approach

  • Re-evaluate beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you
  • Reflect in a safe space, to engage and plan forward with a trusted equal.
  • Explore with curiosity and compassion.
  • Cultivate intentionality in thought and action.

Wellness & Stress Management

Stress Management Coaching investigates stress both as a general concept and as a real experience you confront in your life.

We trace the underlying thoughts and emotions and behaviours, as we uncover a pathway to peace.

Together we build stress competence, unlocking fresh patterns of behaviour and forging a new approach to what happens to us – and what happens within us.

Stress Management Coaching draws inspiration from mindfulness, wellness strategies, stress biology and cognitive behavioural approaches.  It is uniquely co-designed to suit your specific needs and lifestyle goals.

Individual, group and corporate stress programmes are available as are specific journeys in contemporary mindfulness, mindful leadership and skills in everyday meditation practice to promote physical, emotional, cognitive and purpose-centred wellbeing.

Leadership Development

Co-created learning journeys with measurable goals aligned to personal, operational and strategic business objectives, held by a passion to serve and build resilient, thriving, purpose-led and human-centred organisations.

An individual journey: can include a pre 360 feedback process to support a one on one coaching chapter over a specific period of time.

Team journey: supporting teams to unlock and work better together. Includes one on one sessions, team coaching and facilitated group process work.

Leadership programmes: designed with the business in a way that offers maximum impact with the least amount of disruption. Short bursts of group learning, peer coaching, reflective work, team projects and one on one support. Virtual, in-person or a hybrid.

With these journeys, we use the Enneagram as a lens and a tool to integrate diverse perspectives, open awareness and create forward momentum.

Career Coaching

A career is about more than the work we do. It’s how, over time, our work comes to fulfil us, and reflect a deeper part of ourselves. It doesn’t just happen.  Each chapter involves sustained effort, insight and planned action.

Engaging with a career coach at times of critical career transition or skills development keeps us true to our path, and in alignment with our aspirations.

We underestimate transition and we underestimate our ability to become really good at it! A coach supports you to adapt and acclimatise to the next career chapter.

Supporting corporate and business clients with: mentorship programmes, graduate programmes, induction coaching and internal career leaps. A  coaching partner holds a space for exploring the experience of “not quite there yet”, helping individuals to stay in growth and metabolise the stress of “something new” in healthy ways.

Personal career coaching: explore where you are and where you want to be. Plan effectively to build your brand, manage your next phase and reach your goals.

Personal Coaching

Looking to create a life of meaning and fulfilment?

Personal Coaching will help you slow down and revaluate your priorities, values and goals. Together we will find the formula to your unique vision of personal success. The process is integrated and contextualized to meet your individual needs.

Personal Coaching involves:

  • learning self-care and self-compassion
  • setting goals, and sticking to them
  • getting unstuck
  • managing challenging life transitions and relationships
  • creating your personal brand
  • managing competing demands
  • resolving conflict

A process is tailor-made for you. It could be a once-off coaching session for you to explore your thinking to help you make a small shift, or it could be a short chapter or a longer more spacious journey. You decide what makes the most sense for you as a first brave step.

Gail has challenged my critical thinking. I approached her after a sabbatical to help restart my career in financial services. She has been a fantastic support as a coach and provided the platform for me to critically think through my priorities, my communication strategies and discussion approaches…

Executive – Financial Services

Gail is a natural coach. She is patient, intuitive and wise. She listens deeply and observes, she has provided me with practical steps to help me get to where I want to be. She helped me build the confidence and clarity I needed to take risks and unlock my potential and I am forever grateful. True story.

National Events Manager – Service Industry


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